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It's A New Day

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

In the beginning of 2020, I was living the life I had visualized and had worked toward for years–things were amazing! I was practicing trauma-focused therapy and living with my family near the beach, enjoying the life-rhythm we had worked hard to establish. When the pandemic began, I pivoted along with many people into remote work, online distance education for my kids, limited to no personal contact with family and friends, frantic symptom-related internet searches and exhaustive quests for toilet paper. Initially I was able to counter-balance, however, it was soon clear COVID would have a much longer and profound impact than initially thought. At one point I realized my once-every-two-weeks trip to the wine store was now once-a-week, I was wearing my random “work” attire out in public and leaving *just* enough time to make it from bed to tele-work. I was burned out, scared for my children and barely recognized the weirdly dressed chick staring at me in the mirror. It was clear I had to re-prioritize quickly or my life was going to pass me by while I frantically struggled to get everything back to the way it was pre-2020, all while my physical and mental health suffered along with my relationships with my family. With self-reflection, prayer and seeking thoughtful advice from trusted and wise sources, I was able to reconnect with my values, my purpose and my passion for helping others.
Sometimes transition points present themselves at unanticipated and, quite possibly, unwanted times. Change and life transitions are a given in our human condition, and how we respond to the fear and discomfort can alter life trajectories in significant ways. Growth is a choice and, while the process may not be altogether comfortable, it can result in unimagined gains in self-awareness, healthier relationships, physical and mental health, a deeper spiritual practice and career satisfaction. Knowing there is someone walking alongside during the journey can be a powerful tool; it offers structure, motivation and reflection. I opened New Day Life Coaching to help clients find their new beginning, navigate transformation and connect with their own unique and special purpose.
Life always has transitions, some welcome and expected, and some not so much. The pandemic is one example, but there are many more. Whether you just made partner or lost a partner, welcomed a baby into your home or just sent one off to college, I help people find joy, purpose and meaning, hit their stride and live their new day. Let 2022 be the year you begin to live with purpose and drive forward toward that goal, life-long dream or a healthier and happier version of yourself!

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