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Beth Sparks

I was born and raised in Alaska. My childhood there imbued a sense of adventure, a love of the outdoors and a pioneer spirit. This same spirit led me to enlist in the Marine Corps, where I was fortunate to be stationed in 'America’s Finest City' and adopted San Diego as my home. After my service as a Marine, I've devoted much of the last two decades to helping people find support during difficult times. Over those years, I supported active duty military families, served as a crisis counselor for adolescents and young adults, and practiced therapy with veterans and military families. I have been privileged to work with diverse and special populations. 


Through all these experiences, I nurtured a passion for helping high-performing people identify and achieve their goals. I expanded my repertoire and refined my technique over nearly two decades of mentoring, guiding and counseling. Eventually, I added coaching as a complement to my practice. As a coach, I work with amazing people. Together, we explore strengths and values, which builds self-awareness and purpose. We learn to navigate challenges and opportunities on an unfolding journey towards freedom and fulfillment. 

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